January 2019

Sustainability in Jewellery

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Sustainability in Jewellery Sustainability is an interconnected process of modern development in order to balance the environmental impact of the world while maintaining the viability of our planet and sustaining the world's population in an ethical manner. Sustainability is a difficult concept to fully understand and is changing daily at present, It is different [...]

May 2018

Murano Glass Jewellery

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The History of Murano Glass Jewellery Murano glass jewellery has been produced since the 13th century. Originally produced in Venice but due to a fear of fire in Venice, the Hierarchy decided to move the factories to the island of Murano. This glass jewellery is also commonly known as Venetian glass Jewellery. The skills [...]

Diamonds Explained

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Diamonds Explained In this article, we are going to talk about how diamonds are graded. Every diamond is unique and there are a number of factors which affect a diamonds beauty and therefore its value. These factors are known as a diamonds four C`s, which are clarity, colour, carat and cut. The four C`s are [...]

December 2015

Ring Size Guide

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How To Find Your Ring Size Firstly make sure that your finger is at normal temperature, before measuring it. If your finger is cold then it will shrink or if your finger is hot it will expand, giving you an incorrect measurement. To measure accurately you will need a ruler or measuring tape, a pen [...]

November 2015

Mid-Century Jewellery 1950s

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Mid-Century Jewellery The term Mid-Century generally covers the design style of the 1950s. It received its name in 1984 from a book called "Mid-Century Modern : furniture of the 1950s". Suburban California in the 1950s pretty accurately sums up architectural and interior design of the time. Low flat roofs with lots of large windows [...]

Art Nouveau Jewellery 1890 to 1915

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Art Nouveau Jewellery Art Nouveau meaning "new art" was a movement which started in Europe in 1890 and lasted until about 1915. Which coexisted with the Victorian era and the Edwardian era. The movement received its name from Siegfried Bing. Who opened an art gallery in 1895 called Maison de lÀrt Nouveau, which translates [...]