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Welcome to Carus Jewellery.

Hello from John and Elaine Hoyne. Carus jewellery has been established since 2012 and both of us have been involved in the jewellery industry for many years before that. Carus Jewellery is our shared interest and we work together, with some division of roles. John is the IT side of the business, while Elaine focuses on Design and customer service.

Carus is the Latin word for precious and as we sell fine jewellery, we thought it was a very fitting name. We have a deep and abiding interest in Antique jewellery in its many forms. We are eternally interested in the techniques and craftsmanship of the jewellery trade. We love to follow the design process of each period from inception to completed examples. Which is echoed in the architecture and culture of the time. In Jewellery, this design process has to be adapted to a miniature form making it even more intriguing.

Every piece of our jewellery is unique and has its own history and story making it a privilege and pleasure to own and wear. While also adding energy and elegance to any outfit. Lifting your mood and spirit as only fine jewellery can. We have a deep commitment to customer service and building a relationship with each customer. Where they feel valued and have a treasured memory of the purchasing experience as well as the treasured piece of fine jewellery.