Antique & Vintage Bracelets

  • A very stylish 1940s Aquamarine bracelet. Three oval cut Aquamarine gemstones with a combined weight of 1.74ct have been set in a 9ct yellow gold hollow rope chain by means of collet settings. An elegant and timeless bracelet, which will suit almost any style of outfit. Chain length: 18cm, Chain width: 3mm, Weight: 2.2g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).
  • A fabulous Victorian gate link bracelet. Made from 9ct rose gold, each seven-bar high panel contains a geometric design and are connected via articulated links.  A very desirable Victorian bracelet, which has a beautifully weighted feel to it when worn. Length: 20cm, width: 14mm, thickness: 3mm, weight: 36.6g. Period: Victorian Jewellery ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • An ornate Amethyst torque bangle. A central oval cut amethyst has been set in 9ct yellow gold, with round cut amethyst gemstones to either side. These bright and lively gemstones which have a combined weight of 56 points are raised above an Art Nouveau style decorative panel. A very pretty vintage torque bangle. Size: 57mm inside diameter, decorative panel: 11mm x 42mm, weight: 6.8g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • A timeless 1940s Chinese Jade bangle. This highly polished Jade bangle was hand-carved and evidence of this is in the tiny discrepancies ( known as tool-marks ) which can be felt but not seen on its outer circumference. Showcasing the jewellers high level of skill and craftsmanship. A very stylish piece of retro jewellery. Inside diameter: 64mm, Outside diameter: 75, Width: 13mm, Weight: 44.7g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).
  • A decorative Victorian hinged bangle. An oval-shaped bangle made from 9ct yellow gold has been engraved on one side with a foliate design. This bangle comes fitted with a safety chain and contains hallmarks for Chester 1900. A well-made and stylish bangle. Inside measurements: 58mm x 49mm, weight: 4.9g each. Period: Victorian Jewellery ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • An unusual Edwardian yellow Sapphire bracelet. A round-cut yellow sapphire weighing 47 points has been set in 9ct gold, with a surround of split seed pearls. This bracelet comprises of eight spring-loaded links, which gives this bracelet the ability to stretch. A rare and unique antique bracelet. Length: 160mm - 200mm, width: 10mm - 4mm, weight: 5.4g. Period : Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • A rich 15ct yellow gold Edwardian gate link bracelet. A series of three gold bars, each connected by five graduated articulated links to for a bracelet.  This bracelet has a push in box clasp and is fitted with a safety chain, which suspends a removable gold padlock. This beautifully designed gate bracelet is very flattering when worn. Size: 18cm x 11mm,  weight 17.8g. Period: Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 – 1914 ).
  • An exquisite Edwardian peridot and split pearl bangle. An oval cut peridot gemstone weighing 1.7ct has been set in 9ct gold with a surround of split seed pearls, with split pearl foliate design to either side. This bangle is hinged and fitted with a safety chain, it also comes with its original box.  A very desirable piece of jewellery that looks amazing when worn. Internal measurements: 52mm x 60mm, panel size: 13mm x 10mm, weight: 8.6g. Period : Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • A decorative Edwardian 9ct gold bangle featuring a stylised knot design. The mid-section of this bangle is hinged and is fitted with a safety chain. A beautiful and timeless piece of jewellery. Internal size: 58mm x 47mm, weight: 10.g. Period : Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • A classic Edwardian aquamarine and split pearl bracelet. A rectangular cushion shaped aquamarine weighing 2.40ct has been set in 9ct yellow gold using a bezel setting. This beautiful aquamarine gemstone has a surround of split seed pearls and is attached to a 9ct gold curb chain. The curb chain is fitted with a push in box clasp and safety chain. A beautifully designed piece of Edwardian Jewellery. Chain: 19cm x 6mm, panel size: 17mm x 14mm x 6mm, weight: 10.3g. Period : Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • An attractive amber bracelet. Twelve natural beautifully carved amber nuggets, linked together by two elastic strands. Making it both adjustable and very comfortable to wear. A must-have for all vintage jewellery lovers. Nugget size : 25mm x 18mm x 8mm, closed diameter : 60mm, weight : 24.5g. Period: Retro Jewellery (the 1940s ).
  • A vintage amber bracelet. Forty-two natural amber nuggets have been hand knotted and set to its original brass barrel clasp. A well-made and wearable piece of vintage jewellery. Size : 20cm x 8mm, weight 7.4g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).
  • A bright and shiny rhinestone bracelet. A floral bracelet, studded with green rhinestones and set in a gold tone metal setting. This bracelet has been signed Jewelcraft and is a gorgeous example of a 1960s vintage costume bracelet. Size: 180mm x 17mm wide, weight: 34.6g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • A radiant forest green diopside gemstone bracelet. Oval cut Russian chrome diopside gemstones, with a combined weight of 20ct have been securely set in sterling silver. A beautiful bracelet that looks amazing when worn. Size: 5mm wide x 19cm long, weight: 10.8g, total carat weight: 20ct. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • A decorative agate and silver bracelet. Italian made silver bracelet, featuring raised relief work and studded with red agate gemstones. The background of the central panel has been blackened, which creates a beautiful contrast with the polished silver and red agate. A classic vintage bracelet. Size: 62mm inside diameter x 16mm wide, weight: 28.1g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • A pretty abalone shell bracelet. Strips of abalone shell have been set to two elastic strands. A gorgeous vintage bracelet which is surprisingly comfortable to wear. Size: stretchable x 44mm wide, weight: 79.6g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • An impressive 1940s bakelite bangle. A large cherry red bakelite bangle, with an inlaid silver-tone metal strip. An icon retro bangle. Size: 64mm inside diameter x 25mm wide, weight: 74.4g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).
  • A faux baroque pearl bracelet. Champagne pink glass pearls have been hand strung and individually knotted. Then securely fixed to a decorative silver-tone bracelet push in box clasp. A very pretty vintage costume bracelet. Size: 180mm x 12mm, weight: 22.4g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s).
  • A vintage polished agate bracelet. These highly polished agate nuggets feel like silk and have a wonderfully reflective quality to them. They have been individually mounted to a silver-tone chain. A beautiful vintage costume bracelet. Size: 190mm x 17mm, weight: 36.6g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • An intricate vintage silver bangle. This bangle features elaborate relief work, with the background blackened for contrast. An eye-catching vintage bangle, circa the 1950s. Size: 64mm inside diameter x 3.5mm wide, weight: 12.1g. Period: Mid-Century Jewellery ( the 1950s ).


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