Antique & Vintage Bracelets

  • Victorian Citrine Bracelet Victorian Citrine Bracelet
    An eye-catching Victorian Citrine bracelet. Each round cut citrine has been mounted in 15ct yellow gold using a bezel setting, which is surrounded by a twisted gold rope. The main Citrine weighs 7ct, with the other seven Citrines weighing 5ct each. These Citrine gemstones are a medium yellow hue and have excellent clarity. Between each citrine is an engraved gold sphere spacer. An exceptional piece of fine antique jewellery. Total Citrine weight: 42 carats. Length: 20cm, width: graduated from 16mm to 14mm, weight 23.4g, Period:  Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 to 1914 ).
  • Amber nugget stretch bracelet - side view
    An attractive amber bracelet. Twelve natural beautifully carved amber nuggets, linked together by two elastic strands. Making it both adjustable and very comfortable to wear. A must-have for all vintage jewellery lovers. Nugget size : 25mm x 18mm x 8mm, closed diameter : 60mm, weight : 24.5g. Period: Retro Jewellery (the 1940s ).
  • Amber Nugget Necklace - top view Amber Nugget Necklace - side view
    A vintage amber bracelet. Forty-two natural amber nuggets have been hand knotted and set to its original brass barrel clasp. A well-made and wearable piece of vintage jewellery. Size : 20cm x 8mm, weight 7.4g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).
  • 1940s Malachite Bangle - top view 1940s Malachite Bangle - side view
    A timeless malachite bangle. This highly polished malachite bangle has been made from one piece of malachite, which is very rare. There are a number of natural inclusions in this bangle which have been filled with molten brass, then grounded and polished to the same level as the malachite. These brass infilling are quite unique and showcases the jewellers high level of skill and craftsmanship. A stunning piece of vintage jewellery which deserves to be treasured. Size : 64mm inside diameter x 9mm wide, weight : 35.7g. Period: Retro Jewellery (the 1940s).
  • Jewelcraft Rhineshone Bracelet - over view Jewelcraft Rhineshone Bracelet - front view
    A bright and shiny rhinestone bracelet. A floral bracelet, studded with green rhinestones and set in a gold tone metal setting. This bracelet has been signed Jewelcraft and is a gorgeous example of a 1960s vintage costume bracelet. Size: 180mm x 17mm wide, weight: 34.6g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • Carved red bakelite Bangle - top view Carved red bakelite Bangle - side view
    An elaborately carved red bakelite bangle. The entire outside of this stunning bangle has been hand carved in great detail with a repeating floral motif. A rare and unique piece of vintage jewellery. Size: 62mm inside diameter x 20mm wide, weight: 32g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).
  • 1950s Silver Charm Bracelet - top view
    An intriguing preloaded charm bracelet. This beautiful vintage charm bracelet comes with a heart-shaped padlock and safety chain. This bracelet contains 11 charms, a police helmet, a ring box, a fish, a Viking longboat, set of three rings, a scooter, a lantern, a kettle, a coin, a wishing well and a horses head. A classic piece of vintage jewellery. Size: (L) 160mm x (W)25mm average, weight 60g. Period: Mid-Century Jewellery ( the 1950s ).
  • Diopside Sterling Silver Bracelet - close up view Diopside Sterling Silver Bracelet - top view
    A radiant forest green diopside gemstone bracelet. Oval cut Russian chrome diopside gemstones, with a combined weight of 20ct have been securely set in sterling silver. A beautiful bracelet that looks amazing when worn. Size: 5mm wide x 19cm long, weight: 10.8g, total carat weight: 20ct. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • Italian Silver Bracelet - top view Italian Silver Bracelet - side view
    A decorative agate and silver bracelet. Italian made silver bracelet, featuring raised relief work and studded with red agate gemstones. The background of the central panel has been blackened, which creates a beautiful contrast with the polished silver and red agate. A classic vintage bracelet. Size: 62mm inside diameter x 16mm wide, weight: 28.1g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • Freshwater pearl bracelet - inside view Freshwater pearl bracelet - top view
    A beautiful freshwater pearl & silver bracelet. Off-round pearls ( flat on one side ) alternate with decorative pieces of silver to form this gorgeous bracelet. These cabochon shaped pearls have a deep lustre which is complemented beautifully by the silver. A very stylish bracelet. Size: 48mm inside diameter ( closed ) x 8mm wide, weight: 18.2g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • Abalone Shell Bracelet - side view Abalone Shell Bracelet - top view
    A pretty abalone shell bracelet. Strips of abalone shell have been set to two elastic strands. A gorgeous vintage bracelet which is surprisingly comfortable to wear. Size: stretchable x 44mm wide, weight: 79.6g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • Cherry red bakelite bangle - side view Cherry red bakelite bangle - top view
    An impressive 1940s bakelite bangle. A large cherry red bakelite bangle, with an inlaid silver-tone metal strip. An icon retro bangle. Size: 64mm inside diameter x 25mm wide, weight: 74.4g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).
  • Faux pearl bracelet - clasp view Faux pearl bracelet - top view
    A faux baroque pearl bracelet. Champagne pink glass pearls have been hand strung and individually knotted. Then securely fixed to a decorative silver-tone bracelet push in box clasp. A very pretty vintage costume bracelet. Size: 180mm x 12mm, weight: 22.4g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s).
  • Agate Bracelet - inside view Agate Bracelet - top view
    A vintage polished agate bracelet. These highly polished agate nuggets feel like silk and have a wonderfully reflective quality to them. They have been individually mounted to a silver-tone chain. A beautiful vintage costume bracelet. Size: 190mm x 17mm, weight: 36.6g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • Elaborate raised relief Silver Bangle - front view
    An intricate vintage silver bangle. This bangle features elaborate relief work, with the background blackened for contrast. An eye-catching vintage bangle, circa the 1950s. Size: 64mm inside diameter x 3.5mm wide, weight: 12.1g. Period: Mid-Century Jewellery ( the 1950s ).
  • Black Bangle - top view
    A vintage black bangle. A faceted plastic bangle, with a pearlized finish which makes it beautifully reflective. A gorgeous 1980s bangle. Size: 64mm inside diameter x 14mm wide, weight: 34.1g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960s onwards ).
  • Amber Lucite Bangle - side view Amber Lucite Bangle - top view
    A 1940s lucite bangle. A light amber coloured lucite bangle, which has a lovely translucent quality to it. A beautiful piece of retro jewellery. Size: 63mm inside diameter x 10mm wide, weight: 19.8g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).
  • Tan Bakelite Bangle - top view
    A unique retro bangle. A tan coloured bakelite bangle, which has been carved. A beautiful example of 1940s costume jewellery. Size: 65mm inside diameter x 20mm wide, weight: 36.3g. Period: Retro Jewellery ( the 1940s ).