December 2015

Modern Jewellery 1960s Onwards

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Modern Jewellery The Modern Jewellery era began in the sixties, which saw a huge sea change in the social norms. There was widespread rejection of the establishment by a new generation, who ushered in a new era of change. There was a sense of freedom and a "can do" attitude. This lead to an [...]

November 2015

Mid-Century Jewellery 1950s

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Mid-Century Jewellery The term Mid-Century generally covers the design style of the 1950s. It received its name in 1984 from a book called "Mid-Century Modern : furniture of the 1950s". Suburban California in the 1950s pretty accurately sums up architectural and interior design of the time. Low flat roofs with lots of large windows [...]

Retro Jewellery 1940s

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Retro Jewellery Retro jewellery also called cocktail jewellery generally covers the period from the late 1930s to the 1940s. It was a period of jewellery history which was greatly influenced by world war II. Leading to large, bold and colourful statement pieces becoming popular. The war as can be imagined send Europe into disarray. [...]

Art Deco Jewellery 1920 to 1935

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Art Deco Jewellery The Art Deco period started in 1920 and continued until 1935. It received it`s name from the International Exposition Of Modern Decorative And Industrial Arts, held in Paris in 1925. The 1920`s saw a period of sustained economic growth, often called the "Roaring Twenties". During these years consumer confidence and demand [...]

Edwardian Jewellery 1901 to 1914

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Edwardian Jewellery The Edwardian period started in 1901 with reign of King Edward VII and lasted for four years after his death until 1914. This era corresponds to the Art Nouveau era and the Belle Epoque era of continental Europe. It is also the last jewellery period to be named after an English monarch. [...]

Art Nouveau Jewellery 1890 to 1915

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Art Nouveau Art Nouveau meaning "new art" was a movement which started in Europe in 1890 and lasted until about 1915. The movement took it`s inspiration from nature. With flowers, plants and organic flowing lines dominating. Designers were particularly interested in strong curves or vine like patterns. These designs became known as "whiplash lines" [...]

Victorian Jewellery 1837 to 1901

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Victorian Jewellery The Victorian period began on the 20th of June 1837. When princess Victoria became Queen at the age of 18. She reigned as Queen of Great Britain for 64 years, until her death on the 22th of January 1901. The later part of the Victorian era coincides with the Belle Epoque era [...]

Georgian Jewellery 1714 to 1837

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Georgian Jewellery The Georgian jewellery period spans from 1714 to 1837. It was named after four successive kings of England, George I, George II, George III and George IV. All of the jewellery produced during this period is handmade and very rare. With most pieces of Georgian jewellery being remounted to keep up with [...]