Antique & Vintage Brooches

  • A meticulously crafted Victorian Micro Mosaic brooch. Made by the Italian artist Fabbrica Angelo Pessar, who was renowned for his beautiful micro mosaics. Which he sold to Victorians traveling in Italy, typically as part of their grand tour. A beautiful piece of history. Size: 27mm X 27mm, weight: 6.7g Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A skillfully crafted Bog Oak mourning brooch. An oval-shaped piece of bog oak has been carved with a floral design in relief. Fitted with a brass spring-mounted pin to the back. Size: 48mm X 18mm, weight: 5g Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A very pretty 1950s Sterling silver and enamel leaf brooch. Stamped Norway. Size : 45mm x 43mm, weight: 8.5g. Metal: Sterling Silver Period: Mid-Century Jewellery (the 1950s).
  • A skillfully crafted Edwardian Horseshoe brooch. Made from 15ct yellow gold and decorated with a row of graduated split seed pearls. Horseshoe motifs along with other equine motifs were very popular during the Edwardian period. This brooch is a fine example of period craftsmanship. Size: 26mm x 64mm, weight: 5g. Period: Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • An intricately carved Conch shell cameo brooch. Showing a lady in profile against a background of delicate pink, mounted in 14ct yellow gold. They are very slight tool marks still visible upon close inspection, which verifies that this cameo was hand carved. A fine example of Edwardian period craftsmanship. Size: 47mm x 37mm, weight: 14.8g. Period: Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • A petite Peridot and Seed Pearl brooch. This bright and lively oval cut Peridot weighing 1.07ct has been set in 9ct yellow gold, with a fine milgrain border. Set out from the gemstone on four points are Seed Pearls, which in turn are surrounded by bands of gold. An elegant yet understated antique brooch. Size: 23mm x 21mm, weight: 2.3g. Period: Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • A meticulously crafted Art Nouveau bird brooch. Made from rich 15ct yellow gold, a small bird is perched on a branch is framed inside a wishbone.  This brooch is fitted with a safety chain and contains hallmarks for 1890. A unique and well-made piece of fine jewellery. Size: 17mm x 34mm, safety chain: 68mm, weight: 2.9g. Period: Art Nouveau Jewellery ( 1890 – 1901 ).
  • An impressive Art Nouveau sterling silver brooch. This hand-made brooch depicts the profile of a young woman wearing a flamboyant hat, decorated with roses and foliage. The safety pin to the rear has been mounted at an angle that allows an uninterrupted view. A lovely brooch that is very representative of its period. Circa 1900. Size: 41mm in diameter, weight: 13g. Period: Art Nouveau Jewellery ( 1890 – 1901 ).
  • A bright Victorian pinchbeck Citrine Brooch. An oval cut Citrine gemstone weighing 25ct has been set in pinchbeck. Pinchbeck is an alloy of copper and zinc and was invented in the 18th Century to resemble gold. This large Citrine has excellent colour saturation and clarity, allowing it to catch the light beautifully. Size: 32mm x 28mm, weight:11.6g. Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A flawless Victorian Goshenite brooch. An oval cut Goshenite gemstone weighing 22.80ct has been set in 9ct yellow gold. Goshenite or white beryl as it is sometimes called is said to be the purest of all the gemstones due to its incredible transparency.  Although it appears completely transparent, there is a very slight blue/green hue visible when viewed from an angle. A bright and lively brooch, which looks amazing when worn. Size: 30mm x 23mm, weight: 7.6g. Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A rich Edwardian swooping swallows brooch. A graduated line of three swallows in mid-flight has been made from 15ct yellow gold, with each one studded in split seed pearls. This brooch has a beautiful deep luster which make it stand out when worn. Size: 46mm x 28mm, weight: 4.3g. Period : Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • A flawless Victorian Aquamarine bar brooch. A stunning oval-cut aquamarine weighing 3.62ct has been mounted in 9ct yellow gold, by means of a double claw setting. An exceptional aquamarine gemstone, which catches the light beautifully. Size: 68mm x 13mm, weight: 4.9g Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • An exquisite Edwardian Sapphire and Pearl brooch. A square-cut faceted sapphire weighing 17 points has been set in rich 15ct yellow gold, with a milgrain border. Surrounding this beautiful sapphire is a row of split seed pearls finished again with a milgrain border. A rare and unique Edwardian brooch. Size: 71mm x 12mm, weight: 5.8g. Period : Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).
  • A distinctive Art Deco Aquamarine brooch. A rectangular-shaped Aquamarine weighing 2ct has been set in 9ct white gold. This scissor-cut aquamarine has excellent clarity and a beautiful colour. Set to either side of the gemstone are white gold geometric shoulders, with the reverse of the brooch being made from 9ct yellow gold. A classic piece of Art Deco jewellery. Size: 55mm x 7mm, weight: 2.5g. Period: Art Deco Jewellery ( 1920 – 1935 ).
  • An original Victorian bog oak mourning brooch. An oval cabochon shape piece of bog oak has been carved to depict a central flower, with two foliate panels on either side. Size: 43mm X 34mm, weight: 10g Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A timeless Edwardian Cameo brooch. This beautiful cameo has been carved from a single Cornelian shell. These shells have a white marble-like layer and a darker layer, typically brown. Allowing a master carver to create an image in fine detail with a contrasting background. This meticulously carved cameo is mounted in a 9ct yellow gold setting featuring a single twist rope border. On the reverse of this cameo is fitted a hinged bail, allowing it to be also worn as a pendant. Size: 44mm X 35mm, weight: 12.3g Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A decorative Victorian Diamond bar brooch. A round-cut diamond is set 9ct yellow gold on a raised cylindrical plinth, with a single twist rope at its base. Extending from either side are ornate gold wings forming this beautiful Etruscan revival brooch. This brooch comes fitted with a safety chain. Size: 42mm x 17mm, chain length: 63mm, weight: 5.8g Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).  
  • A very pretty Victorian silver daisy brooch, inspired by the Japanese arts of shakudo and shibuichi. Depicting two daisies flowers in raised relief and engraved foliage. A well-made piece of antique jewellery, circa 1875. Diameter: 34mm, weight: 5.8g Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A very pretty Victorian Garnet scroll brooch. Three Garnet gemstones have been set diagonally in 9ct yellow gold and finished with milgrain detailing. From either side of this diagonal line extends scrollwork and foliate detail. A beautiful piece. Size: 43mm x 13mm, weight: 1.9g. Period: Victorian Jewellery ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A very pretty Edwardian Topaz bar brooch. A round cut Topaz gemstone weighing 58 points has been set using a bezel setting, which is finished with a milgrain border. Two split pears orbit around this central Topaz, with split pearl detailing to either side, finishing in scroll finals. A fine example of Edwardian craftsmanship. Size: 54mm x 13mm, weight: 3g. Period : Edwardian Jewellery ( 1901 –  1914 ).


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