• A meticulously crafted Victorian Micro Mosaic brooch. Made by the Italian artist Fabbrica Angelo Pessar, who was renowned for his beautiful micro mosaics. Which he sold to Victorians traveling in Italy, typically as part of their grand tour. A beautiful piece of history. Size: 27mm X 27mm, weight: 6.7g Period: Victorian ( 1837 – 1901 ).
  • A meticulously crafted micro mosaic tie pin. Tiny pieces of ceramics have been arranged to depicting four flowers and foliage on a black background. This micro mosaic has then been mounted in a gold-tone setting, a rare and unique piece of Victorian craftsmanship. All of our tie pins are sold with a stopper fitted to the point. Size: 70mm x 14mm, weight: 2g. Period: Victorian Jewellery ( 1837 – 1901 ).


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