A breathtaking giardinetti basket pendant. The basket and rope twist handle is made from rich 14ct yellow gold, with the basket being studded with nineteen round cut diamonds, which sparkle beautifully. The basket is filled with a profusion of diamond, sapphire and ruby flowers. Together with emerald leafs and diamond buds. All of the gemstones used in this giardinetti basket are very well matched, with each one having excellent clarity and colour saturation. This exquisite piece can be worn as either a pendant or a brooch.

Diamond weight: 50 points, Ruby weight: 60 points, Sapphire weight: 60 points, Emerald weight: 36 points, Size: 26mm x 21mm, weight: 4.9g.
Period: Modern Jewellery (the 1960s onwards ).
Layaway plans available.