• An attractive amber bracelet. Twelve natural beautifully carved amber nuggets, linked together by two elastic strands. Making it both adjustable and very comfortable to wear. A must-have for all vintage jewellery lovers. Nugget size : 25mm x 18mm x 8mm, closed diameter : 60mm, weight : 24.5g. Period: Retro Jewellery (the 1940s ).
  • A fashionable pair of Art Deco earrings. A pair of round-cut cabochon Blue John gemstones are mounted in sterling silver, with a decorative finish to the edge. Blue John was mined in Derbyshire and was believed to have been discovered by the Romans. These earrings were manufactured and signed by Thomas L. Mott. Size : 16mm in Diameter, Weight : 2.6g each. Period: Art Deco Jewellery ( 1920 – 1935 ).


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