• A stylish opal tie pin. A cabochon cut opal weighing 1.80ct has been set in 9ct yellow gold. This opal has a subtle play of colour showing blues, greens and reds. All of our tie pins are sold with a stopper fitted to the point. Size: 68mm x 9mm, weigh: 1.9g. Period: Modern Jewellery ( the 1960`s onwards )
  • A unique opal & diamond pendant necklace. A polished cabochon opal weighing 2.39ct is mounted in rich 9ct yellow gold by means of a secure claw setting. Opal is Octobers birthstone and it symbolises purity and hope. This opal has a gorgeous play of colour, with its shifting hues of green, red and blue. It is surrounded by diamonds which have a combined weight of 12 points and are set in a modern contemporary 9ct yellow gold open framework. This pendant is suspended from a 9ct gold cable chain. A beautifully designed piece of jewellery. Pendant size: 36mm x 14mm, chain length: 46cm,  weight : 5.5g. Period: Modern Jewellery (the 1960s onwards ). All items are presented in one of our beautiful signature boxes, with complementary delivery worldwide on all orders.
  • A gorgeous opal & emerald ring. Four fiery round cut cabochon opals set in a cluster of 17 round cut emerald gemstones. Each of these opals has a magical play of colour, so intense that it can even be seen in the photo which is unusual. Each round cut emerald has a beautiful depth of colour and they work really well with the opals. The entire top section of this ring is set on a raised prong setting, which like the band is made of rich 9ct yellow gold. This ring contains hallmarks for London 1976. A really pretty vintage ring Ring size: UK size P, US size 7.25, width 14 mm, weight 2.4g,  this ring can be re-sized free of charge, upon request. Period: Modern Jewellery (the 1960s onwards ).
  • A fiery opal & diamond 18ct gold ring. An oval-cut cabochon opal gemstone weighing 0.72ct, is secured in a raised claw setting. This opal has been highly polished and has an intense play of colour. Opal is October's birthstone and was called the "eye stone" as it was believed to protect the wears vision. This fiery opal is surrounded by a row of round brilliant cut diamonds, which have a combined weight of 0.20ct. They are set in rich 18ct yellow gold with a scalloped edge finish. Ring size: UK size N, US size 6.75, width 10×13 mm, weight 3.3g,  this ring can be re-sized free of charge, upon request. Period: Modern Jewellery (the 1960s onwards ).


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